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Effective application for spam in Facebook
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SocPlugin 4.0.34 - modern app for SMM


+ absolutely automatic captcha breaking
+ supports 4 most popular social networks, included Facebook
+ intellectual auto-dialogue system
+ profile collect can be made by parameters, from groups, from list of friends, recursive
+ save / load profiles lists in TXT and XML
+ collecting of video by parameters, for future commenting
+ automatic action at log in: accept / decline invites to groups or friends, automatic change of status
+ filter of profile list by parameters set by user
+ mass sending of personal messages with breaking of all captchas
+ automatic invite to groups
+ automatic invite to friends
+ automatically pressing “Like” and ratting photo with “5” and “5+”
+ automatic grabbing of profiles content and photos
+ commenting photos and video
+ support of variations and macros
+ automatic checking of profile list
+ automatic fulfil of own accounts with personal information and photos
+ full automation of actions
+ more other options!

Free demo-version available.
Interested? Just Google for "SocPlugin" wink

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